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About Us

North Strong Media Inc. is a new digital billboard out-of-home advertising media company from Sudbury, Ontario with locations on the Kingsway Blvd and Notre Dame Avenue.  We are focused on the innovation that digital brings to the advertising mix and a technology that helps leave a positive impression on customers.  We do not hold inventory of traditional billboards and are focused on maximizing the effectiveness of digital in the rapidly changing marketing environment.

Built on the experience of the founding partner Andrew Dale, born in Sudbury, he has spent the last 15 years in Sales and Marketing after retiring from his first career in Professional Hockey. Andrew’s first local efforts were as a teenager while he played for the Sudbury Wolves while trying to win the OHL championship in the early 1990’s.  Andrew earned both BA and MBA degrees from Laurentian University and has developed a strong network and reputation for delivering great service to his valued clients.  Combining his knowledge of the promotion and advertising landscape, Andrew felt that a natural area to offer value for his clients would be the digital out-of-home billboard advertising space.  This medium combines the cutting edge capability of the digital age with the real traffic patterns and impressions advertisers understand.  At North Strong Media Inc., our goal is to help you achieve yours.   Whether you are promoting something in the short term like new car leases or end-of-year inventory blow outs, or you have a branding campaign planned that has both seasonal pushes but is important to be in the minds of you consumer all year long, North Strong Media will help you get your budget working for you.


How quickly can my add be displayed?
Providing the proper format, sizing and colouring, your ad is subject to an approval process that can be expedited to….before you know it!  The nature of digital advertising is that it is extremely quick.  Minutes not hours or days.

How much is it to advertise on the billboards?
A question like that is best answered with, it depends.  It depends on many factors and too many to cover all the individual scenarios.  The time of year, nature of your campaign, being Annual, Seasonal, Monthly, weekly, weekend, mornings or afternoons.  The thing about digital advertising is that when you are a breakfast restaurant and want to advertise to the night traffic and the morning commuters, you can.  When you are an Event you can advertise heavier and heavier in the lead up, a lot like radio.

Can I post my own ads on your billboards?
Unfortunately that’s not one of the things we are comfortable with, yet.  We will still review all information to make sure it complies with generally acceptable advertising norms.  Criteria for acceptable advertising includes truthfulness, fairness and accuracy and must take into account the general nature of the broadcast medium.

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We will process major credit cards and invoice directly as the customers request on the day their advertisement is approved by the customer and posted to the billboards.

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784 Kingsway Greater Sudbury ON P3B 2E5

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881 Notre Dame Greater Sudbury ON P3A 2T2

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